Indie Short Fest

An Open Marriage

What should be a standard evening in front of the television takes an unexpected turn for a married couple, when a conversation about what to watch reveals the possibility of an escape from monotony more tangible and titillating than staring at a screen. Shot entirely on an iPhone, and edited in iMovie.
Directed by Wayne Stephens and Deya Daniell (USA)


Film that looks at the struggle for physical indexicality, the plight of labor, and its colonization by the movie camera, through the lens of film-making and watching.
Directed by Jonathan Council (USA)


A thief breaks into an elderly woman’s apartment in the middle of the night. 
The unlucky timing of the intended robbery brings them face to face. 
After some moments of mounting tension and brawl; they end up sitting around the kitchen table for a talk and some tea. 
Directed by Sila Unlu (Turkey)

In Her Image

A young photographer, Owen meets a fashion model, Chloe at the observatory at night. They find mutual connections from their dream. Chloe seduces him with her charismatic and charming image. They spend a romantic night together. Next day, Owen finds out she’s been hiding her marriage. Thus, Owen photographs memory of Chloe at the beach and park.
Directed by Sungho Phillip Moon (USA)

Akuy Eenda Maawehlaang

“Akuy Eenda Maawehlaang” witnesses the Ramapough-Lenape Nation’s struggle to gather as a community and pray on their own land, in the face of legal & financial abuse at the hands of the township of Mahwah, and a private home-owner’s association called the Polo Club.

The filmmaker, Brooklyn’s lens of personal grief from losing his filmmaking-parent Jonathan, with whom this project began, weaves together an old Lenape myth with a newer story of wildlife endangerment, to form an emotional ode to indigenous futures, diversity, and the continuity of life on earth.
Directed by Brooklyn Demme (USA)

Dead Man Wait

Two men, aware of their death, they compete for access to the beyond. The first one it calls itself the guardian of the threshold and claim his right. The second one it is forced to beg a place as a” dead man” as well when he was alive. He was a wretch when was alive and it continues to be the same as a dead. Long last the first dead man can cross the threshold and the second one takes the place of the first one as a guardian. The entrance to the cemetery of a dead woman, victim of a femicide, restore the initial situation: it is so difficult even to die? 
Directed by Giorgio Molteni (Italy)

Hellcats Highway!

Three sadistic go-go dancers, out to cause a little mayhem, torment a family on vacation though things don’t go as smoothly as the Hellcats expect.
Directed by Mack Lewis (USA)