Indie Short Fest

Night Shift

Alison, a young girl who works the night shift at a security service company, is tormented by her dreams, unsure if the dangers she sees are real, or in her head.
Directed by Gordy De St. Jeor (USA)

New Beginning

This film looks at the biblical account of Noah’s flood from an unexpected angle: the viewpoint of one of Noah’s three daughters-in-law. Viewers follow the wife of Shem (who is not named in Scripture) as she writes down for her children her memories of the pre-flood world, the ark voyage, and the new world after the flood. This historical drama brings the flood account to life in a new way.
Directed by Benjamin Wilt (USA)

The Meme

A woman compelled to conform to her family’s ideals leaves heartbroken girlfriend seeking answers.
Directed by Beverly Tan and Jonathan Hornby (USA)

Eat Rich

A comedy / horror film following a latinx trans woman, Rose, on her first day as a zombie when she must decide who to eat.
Directed by Ash Barker, Nevo Shinaar and Molly Pease (USA)

Invisible Murderer

Two lovers see each other for the first time after years. During memories and declarations, the truth comes to light and they realize the real reason why they are seeing each other again.
Directed by Jamin Wang (USA)

Master Casters

A documentary about the resin bootleg toy scene. 
Featuring designer toy artists The Sucklord, David Healey, Peter Goral, Gary Buder, and more. Directed by Timothy Patrick.
Directed by Timothy Patrick (USA)