Indie Short Fest


After her life is torn apart by the ultimate betrayal, Lorraine Clark is ready to end it all. That’s when she meets Barry Maddox on a secluded hiking trail, setting off a string of events that will change both their lives forever. For every effect, there is a cause. Causality.
Directed by Ram Azur (USA)

Jaded Pictures

“Jaded Pictures” is an intimate peek behind the facade of a relationship between social media famous celebrity icons Jada Anthony and her burgeoning musician boyfriend, Dallas Casey.
Directed by Mark David Christenson (USA)

Midnight Fighter

A young girl faces eviction from her recently inherited and deteriorating property. Her only hope is the caretaker left with the property, a broken down old fighter, when a flyer for a cash prize fight contest begins to surface around the city.
Directed by David Scheinbaum (USA)

Trust Issues

Charlie and Megan, a couple whose madly in love are stranded in an unforgiving desert and bleeding out. Charlie must now lean on Megan to lead him across the border as they attempt to flee authorities. But as the sweltering sun beams down on their weary bodies trust issues start to surface that threaten the very fabric of their ride or die relationship. A shocking truth is revealed along with the harsh reality that only one of them will make it out of this grueling desert alive.
Directed by Andretti Dante (USA)


A 15 year-old girl challenges herself by building a complex cosplay costume. Through the process, she connects with her father and finds herself.
Directed by Brian De Herrera-Schnering (USA)

Rock Bottom

“Rock Bottom” is a satirical short film with a critical view on social structures. A young man suceeds early in his life compared to his old colleagues. He is now able to end his life as a reward. The young hopeless workers look at the jumpers in great dismay.
Directed by Syver Flem (Norway)