Indie Short Fest

The Fall Leaves

In 1964 at Sofia Home for Unwed Mothers in Columbus, MS, Robin, the youngest girl at the home and her confidant, Carole, are confronted by the final stages of their pregnancy.
Directed by Maya McCullough (USA)

Mining Boom

“Mining Boom” is a half hour ensemble workplace comedy following an eclectic team of FIFOs as they slip-up, cover-up and shortcut their way through remote Australian mine sites.
Directed by Pete Harris (Australia)

No Exit

In the background of the Korean War (1950-53), clash of two ideologies confront and blame each other for the present situation of war. But there is no way out. Will they find their exit?
Directed by Arvind Alok (South Korea)

安 (Lullaby)

The name of this short film 安 is a Chinese Character. From how it is written represents A women (女)under a rooftop (宀)which means women stay at home. which makes people think of SAFE, HAPPY, CALM AND PEACEFUL, etc, this is what actually 安 means. However this word, to the content of this film, it is kind of irony. This is the same reason we chose the English name ” Lullaby”. Here is a little background of this story. There were a girl and a boy sent by their parents to came to a foreign country for studying then they stayed. They met they married, they only have themselves but no other family around them. Then now, they are having a newborn with them. Everything seems perfect. But this new mother has no experience at all of how to raise a baby and she is having a girl; this new Father who has been out of the house since this baby was born, he is avoiding troubles and refusing to go home. Because she is having a girl, their very typical hoary dogmas Chinese parents think this is not worth them to come to help them. This new mother unfortunately after suddenly not be able to produce any more breast milk, then suffering deeply from the Postpartum Depression. Lots of people heard of this sickness, but most people think this PPD thing will go away soon or could not be that serious. So this short film is actually aiming at bringing more attention to those new families, especially those new mothers who really need support.
Directed by Ray Du (New Zealand)


“Mother” (2019) is an experimental short film in homage to one of the most influential female avant-garde filmmakers, Maya Deren. Featuring a dream-like narrative of a woman trapped within a fantasy and confronted by hauntings of her inner fears.
Directed by Ewan Gotfryd (USA)

Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Evie could care less. Her best friend Sarah has other plans. They are having a romantic couples dinner and Evie will invite her new boyfriend. The trouble is, he doesn’t exist.
Directed by Marni Little and Tim Goodwin (Australia)

Car Stealers

Rayna, a girl with a supernatural ability to pick locks, helps Zeke, a charismatic misfit, break into a car. Afterwards, he asks her to join his gang: “The Car Stealers,” a group of ethical car thieves who steal back stolen cars. After Rayna steals a bike, Zeke introduces her to the Car Stealers and unveils their mission: when he was a kid, he was supposed to inherit his dad’s sick 2001 Lexus. Unfortunately, an evil repo man, Herbert Franklin, got it first. The Car Stealers steal back the Lexus. But the owner of the stolen bike is waiting at their headquarters with a gun. Bob the dog (a member of Car Stealers) has a heart attack and Rayna quits the gang.
Directed by Christopher Guerrero (USA)