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“Mix”is a celebration of culture, food and family. A way of examining of what brings us across continents, oceans and countries to share love, culture and of course food.

◦ As an episodic short series, Mix will examine the lives of a mix race, religious or creed couple that are first or second generation American.

◦ Each episode will focus on the origins of the relationship, cultural differences/similarities, food, children, and all other aspects of a combined union.

◦ In episode one “Pizza/Bagel,”we look into the 45 plus marriage of Conrad Gozzo (1st gen. Sicilian, Roman Catholic) and Judy Frankle (1st Gen. German/Austrian Jew)

◦ Meeting in the 1960’s with extremely different backgrounds, they forged an enriched union and raised three children. As we exam their each unique history’s , we find similarities in family, values, culture and the richness of ethnicity.

◦ Wether it be Sunday night Italian feasts, or a Brisket on Passover, the togetherness, love and laughter that came with each family enjoying a meal together was a commonality that enriches their union till this day.

◦ One such meal was when my Jewish grandparents first met my Sicilian grandparents around a four course Italian feast, where my Grandmother express that she knew a bit of Italian.

◦ The laughs over that meal set up life long friendships and love.

◦ Future episodes will feature these “Mixed” relationships throughout America, from right here in NY, to various big cities and small towns across America. A bigger emphasis on preparing and cooking meals will be a larger part of future episodes as well

◦ “Mix” is a tribute to the ideas and concepts of how,and why, America came to be. As we enrich our lives with different cultures and relationships, we all eventually realize that we’re more alike than different, and the amazing power food has to bridge any crevasse, no matter how large.

Directed by Ron Gozzo (USA)

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