Lucky Draw

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In the Bailiff Office of Taiwan High Courts, three bailiffs draw lots to decide who is the gunman of tomorrow’s execution. Bailiff Quei-Wu got the mission.
But Quei-Wu’s wife just got pregnant, he asked his colleague Hsin-Chuen to fill in for him to avoid bad luck.
Hsin-Chuen said yes without thinking. But when he got home, his wife reminded him about the appointment of seeing movie with his daughter. Even his daughter was angry, Hsin-Chuen concealed the mission from his daughter and wife. He asked relatives to fill in for him to see the movie with his daughter. His brother-in-law said yes finally, but Hsin-Chuen couldn’t fall asleep all night. He found he wanted to go to the movie with his daughter badly.

Directed by Chin Chia-Hua (Taiwan)

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