Mandatory award-winning drama “Black” at Indie Short Fest February live screening in Hollywood

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In the Vietnam War, American soldier James Rodgers falls POW in the underground tunnels of the Viet Cong. While in captivity, Rodgers befriends his young Vietnamese guard, Tuyen.

Black” (USA), the 26-minute drama directed by Aren O’Kelso, is confirmed for the lineup of the Indie Short Fest February premiere screening at Raleigh Studios Hollywood on Feb 7th, Friday, at 6 pm.

“I really wanted to avoid the politics of the war and just hone in on the relationships of the people, the possibility, and the potential of what a friendship between two people from different walks of life could be, if not deterred by politicians’ wars.

Aren O'Kelso
Aren O’Kelso

I want the audience to appreciate life the way war has taught me to. I want them to understand that every person you point and shoot at has memories, has a favorite food. I want to humanize the guy on the other end of the barrel so that we may think twice before pulling the trigger so casually”, states Aren O’Kelso.

Starring Jeff Gentner and Sam Kim, “Black” was awarded Best Student Short, Best Producer, Best Cinematography, and Best Production Design. After the screening, there is a Q&A with the cast and crew.

Tickets on sale.

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