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Piss Off
Piss Off

A historic underground gay document. Shocking. Disgusting. Taboo. Henry Baker’s first documentary takes an intimate look at the performance art of a gay millennial artist. Traveling the world, forming local groups, performing in public spaces – his name is Athleticpisspig, and he uses the mediums of piss, video and the internet to break social norms. His work explores the “closet inside the closet.” Followed by over 80,000 subscribers, his work is rousing and mind-blowing. It defies and re-interprets the often misunderstood fetish world of water-sports – challenging perceptions of what is disgusting and what is attractive.

Directed by Henry Baker (USA)


  1. Baker takes a Very Taboo Subject and makes it sexy, raw and artistic !! Very interesting to watch !!

  2. Makes me happy to know that someone is finally shining a light on watersports, which is still a taboo even though many people are secretly aroused by it. Can’t wait to see this.

  3. Really looking forward to this film – both Athleticpisspig and Baker’s interpretations of the world of watersports and exhibitionism

  4. I am very excited to be part of this film.
    Athleticpisspig is a silent icon. Meeting and interacting with him is always both a challenge and a fantasy beyond words ! Watch ‘Piss Off’ !

    1. Joe and I, and the entire crew thank you for your comment and support. -Henry (haha, my form reply to everyone who commented) OXOXOX

    2. Your performances and testimonials in our PISS OFF documentary pull together the entire story. I can’t thank you enough for your contribution!!!,! OXOXOX H

  5. Athleticpisspig is a legend in Cities across the World. This documentary is sure to be an interesting watch. Can’t wait for release !

  6. You can hear for the first time how the performer is feeling behind the Scenes. It’s very interesting.

  7. Taking diversity issues to a new level … amazing!

  8. Athleticpisspig is one of a kind artist!

  9. What an amazing guy. I love all the actions with him. Great man. 🙂

  10. Have been a lover of piss for many years now. I have followed Athleticpisspig for a few years now and his appreciation and willingness to show the world how fun and erotic this can be. I fully support his nomination and hope his work becomes one of the leading proponents of this scene.

  11. What’s an art of diversity, realness, and all! Way to go!

  12. Interesting. A very nice guy. Hopefully would be able to watch it

  13. Any doubt, he’s an artist with a very interesting topic, his work goes beyond the porno and fetish. It’s a must to be seen.

  14. Taking a very taboo and disgusting fetish, to make it acceptable and attractive by everyone, is a challenge! But with great work and effort, I believe this documentary is worth to watch! Can’t wait!

  15. The film is truly an original take on lesser know areas of human eroticism and sexuality. Baker does a great job of presenting the subject’s point of view, his reasons for enjoying this activity and his motivations for sharing it as performance art. It will make you reconsider any pre-conceived notions.

  16. So hot. Love it. Want to know how to support!

  17. excellent film – well deserved recognition for a talented artist

  18. Truly inspiring. A breakthrough for the BDSM community.

  19. I cant believe that it comes out a film
    Looking forward to it!

  20. This is so edgy and exciting. It is wonderful to see this mature subject come to light. Incredible!

  21. I have followed athleticpisspig for a long time and love the idea of a documentary and talking openly about what has been considered a taboo subject and highlighting the sensuality and sexuality of piss play.

  22. What a challenge !! Taking this fetish to a documentary for general audience is a great idea. Can’t wait to see it.

  23. Been a follower of Athleticpisspig for years. I anxiously await the release of this film. Absolutely will be a collector’s item for the fetish connoisseur.

  24. He is so so so so hot! The piss and the muscle! Cant wait to see more pissing creations from him!

  25. kinky area exploration. Nice job 👍🏼

  26. kinky area exploration. Nice job 👍🏼
    Kind of fascinating to see athleticpisspig’s video on the big screen

  27. Love to see him 1 time in Hong Kong and made me unforget experenice. Love to see all his video is hot & real
    Wishing all the best to him & take more video sharing with us

  28. This documentary definitely deserve the support and recognition. Truly inspiring. Can’t watch to see it!

  29. Such a flamboyant performance art , pls keep up the good work.

  30. Is been a lot of effort to do this, good job!

  31. Wow this is amazing! I would never have the guts to do this myself! Hats off to you my friend! 👍

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