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Piss Off
Piss Off

A historic underground gay document. Shocking. Disgusting. Taboo. Henry Baker’s first documentary takes an intimate look at the performance art of a gay millennial artist. Traveling the world, forming local groups, performing in public spaces – his name is Athleticpisspig, and he uses the mediums of piss, video and the internet to break social norms. His work explores the “closet inside the closet.” Followed by over 80,000 subscribers, his work is rousing and mind-blowing. It defies and re-interprets the often misunderstood fetish world of water-sports – challenging perceptions of what is disgusting and what is attractive.

Directed by Henry Baker (USA)


  1. Life is too short to be a coward. This guy got balls

  2. this is great and congratulations. Looking forward to watch this documentary.

  3. A truly different subject matter for such a film, indeed! However, for those who have encountered this interesting man and his from or art it is great to see such a film has been entered. I wish him and the maker good luck.

  4. Great to hear this legendary guy make a comeback. Sounds thrill!

  5. Unconventional something new and exciting worth being featured

  6. I love this guy. I’ve been following him and watching his videos for a long time. I’m a fan. I’d have no problem sitting next to him on the train.

  7. Diving head first into a fascinating and exciting taboo and one amazing man’s hidden fetish world of shocking and taboo play, this is a definite must-see!

  8. Such a wonderful idea to make a documentary about Joe’s passion: every single session is an apotheosis of the art of pissing. I am now waiting for a serie of several episodes. Congrats Joe!

  9. Long time fan of Athleticpisspig here – would LOVE to see this film!

  10. … and the Oscar goes to my favorit actor Athleticpisspig and special thanks to Henry Baker… well done!

  11. Whoah, I can’t imagine how will it be to be seen by many people outside the community. The proud yellow walk out the big screen.

  12. Thanks for sharing such amazing art of pissing to the world. You’re doing a great job joe, all the effort you made and it will success. Looking forward to see more and more awesome videos about the art of pissing.

  13. Amazing, I want to watch the full movie

  14. I used to watch the movies from athletic piss pig on Tumblr and I have been loving them. I would be soooo happy to watch this new movie !

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