Indie Short Fest

Another Day in Paradise

Plants are growing in paradise; one of them nicer, more beautiful and taller than all the other and provoke a disciplinary action. Against all odds has consequences even in paradise.
Directed by Bellopropello (Switzerland)

Power Chord

“Power Chord” is a film produced by Hanyu Studio in 2018. It is a story of a college punk Gao Wu who cannot play guitar. After a heartbreaking breakup with his girlfriend Zhou Yi, he decides to start a punk band with his friends Wang Tianyu and Huang Min to rebel against their boring ordinary life. And Gao Wu try to play at a music festival to make punk popular again just in one summer.
Directed by Hanyu Hu (China)

The Dome of Universe

A small city near the highest mountain in Iran, with culture, history, several thousand years of architecture, very beautiful nature and people with traditional life.
Directed by Mahmoud Nazeri (Iran)

Magic of the Mermaid

Webseries from Brazil with over 450 episodes. One of the longest running webseries in the world. It tells the stories and adventures of a girl who has special mermaid powers. The series has almost 500,000 subscribers and 90 million views.
Directed by Quentin Lewis (Brazil)


Maya and Cassie are going to rob Wayne Mason’s house. It should be one of the easiest scores the duo has ever made if only they can keep their existential crises in check…
Directed by Tel Benjamin (Australia)

Mr Franco

Italy, end of the nineties… Mr. Franco is an old man who likes to “watch”, to observe youths, so green and lively, still unaware of the heaviness of life. He likes to watch them making love frantically, or discovering sexuality and excitement. Mr. Franco hosts those youths full of life and instincts, in his anonymous and old house. He, fatigued by life, has nothing more to offer than a room in which guys can do prohibited things. He is a tired, lonely, decadent man, a creature of habit that touches the sin through his glance. With his eyes, he joins in love rituals, without really being involved in them.
Directed by Vincenzo Palazzo (Italy)