Indie Short Fest


When a love-struck, teenage girl seeks advice from an unsuspecting teenage boy, anything can happen.
Directed by Nathan Moore and Tammy Ledford (USA)

Refugee Is Not My Name

Trapped in limbo and living in displacement along the Greek isles, “Refugee Is Not My Name” documents the stories of the men, women and children grappling with pasts’ consumed by violence, pain and loss. As refugees seek a brighter future and a way to rebuild their lives, volunteer ground personnel and grassroot NGOs work to support them and ease their transition into a different culture and way of life. Throughout their journeys, all but one truth remains: hope, and the endless yearning for a meaningful life.
Directed by Rose Massett (USA)

The Choice

“The Choice” is a powerful, thought-provoking short film that looks at abortion, a procedure that one in four women will have at least once over a lifetime. In this dramatic work of fiction, women speak collectively about their circumstances, their abortions, and the aftermath. The surprising array of emotions—ranging from regret to liberation—makes possible a new conversation about a procedure now mired in politics, shame and stigma. Watch “The Choice,” and you’ll never think about abortion the same way again.
Directed by Desiree Cooper and Oren Goldenberg (USA)

Almost (Trailer)

Sizzle reel for a new tv show about a sorority legacy who’s life gets put in jeopardy when one of her sorority sisters claims she was murdered by their president.
Directed by Elena C. Lockleis (USA)


Struggling father and former artist, Leo, has still not recovered from the loss of his wife. When an old friend resurfaces with a new opportunity, Leo returns to his Mindspace – a fantastic, visual representation of his creative process.
With the help of his daughter Mona – and a cute creature native to the Mindspace – Leo addresses who he wants to be as an artist, and learns to be the father that Mona deserves.
Directed by Tristan Alan (USA)

Seize the Day

Seize the day every day, from dawn until dusk…
“Seize the Day” is a song by Jon Tarifa, composed by Merlijn Angad Gaur, featuring Marcela Cella Orosi.
Let’s enjoy the present, seize opportunities, engage with life fully and take action to make the world a better place. The film is about light and freedom, about passing time and our daily lives. It is about the duality of things, which can be both pleasant and threatening.
Directed by Eric Vander Borght (Netherlands)

The Last Day

“The Last Day” tells of Clyde who, facing his own shadows, is conflicted between his past and a potential positive future.
Directed by Michael Moser (UK)

Working On Air

A man comes to Australia on working holiday, full of home. Within a day of arrival, he loses all his possessions and struggles to find the meaning of life. He finds a new life through sky diving.
Directed by Robbin D. Li (Australia)