Indie Short Fest

Hidden Life

In a city governed by an authoritarian regime, propaganda spreads the soils’ infertility. Sam, a 28-year-old, works at the National Communication Center as the producer of the government newscast. On an assignment, Sam discovers a storage with plants in the Ministry of Food, questioning the regime.
Directed by Valeria Brenes (Costa Rica)

Obscured Reflection

Ava, a gifted writer escapes the city to immerse herself in her new book, only to slip from reality as she begins to believe to the dangerous voices in her mind.
Directed by Alexandra Balda (USA)


This young man is beset by weird fancies, sometimes masked men come into his view, white, green and … masks, who are they and what they want from him, what events have occurred in this house, wonderful messages surround him and nightmares in nights torture him, he is involved in darkness world, can he prevail on such darkness? Can he find the correct way? Will such nightmares be terminated? Can he achieve the self-awareness? Can he survive finally?
Directed by Mohammad Farahani (Iran)

Mosul Grad

A documentary film that tells the story of the battle of the right side in the Iraqi city of Mosul between the Iraqi army and ISIS. Always the start is very special, the sounds very calm for points you can hear your heart beats. But everything changed in moments when the explosion of the improvised explosive device that was exiting in the way of the soldiers and this changed all things. Now the fate of Mosul and the war of the city will be determined.
Directed by Murtadha Al-Musawi (Iraq)

Conflict, and a Bit of Magic, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film

The ‘Girl’ is traumatized by being ditched by a boyfriend, a bully, alcohol, and kids taking drugs. Who can understand and help her? Maybe her aunt, who she gets to visit. A Seance with a Medium in which the ‘girl’s’ great-grandmother comes through gives her the courage she needs to ask her mom questions and in turn to learn some family secrets. Life becomes more hopeful even though the ‘girl’ has doubts about the Seance.
Directed by Barbara Holstein (USA)


Angelika must solve a mysterious crime while avoiding a greedy ex-employee and flirting with her lawyer, in her Biggest Adventure yet!
Directed by Josh Minnie (USA)