Indie Short Fest

the sunshine that i love so painfully close

This short experimental text film is a meditation on the private, the personal, and the human. Collapsing boundaries between interior selves and exterior lives, “the sunshine that i love so painfully close” takes an intimate look at several years of one woman’s diary entries, exploring interiority and communication using mental health as lens and landscape.
Directed by Katie King (USA)

Family Day

“Family Day” is a powerful short film about a mid-twenties woman (Kelly O’ Connell) who is finishing up her third stint in rehab at Greenbrier Rehab center in Dobbs Ferry, NY. In the final days of her three months stay, her mother and loving stepdad (Brenda and Richard) come to visit for Family Day. What ensues is unexpected and revealing. Kelly’s sobriety is tested in a myriad of ways by dealing with an avalanche of her mother’s past pains and fears. This looking glass view of sobriety and family dysfunction is compelling and relatable to all.
Directed by Harry O’Reilly (USA)


Yanyan, a Chinese teenage girl, who finds out that her father David had an affair and decided to divorce with her mother. Yanyan deeply loves her family, and she doesn’t want her parents to divorce. So she hides the truth from her mother and tries to solve the family crisis by herself. Just when Yanyan thinks the risk is settled and her family returns to normal, she finds out that her father betrayed the family again. Yanyan finally realizes that she can’t change her father, she persuades her mother to separate from her father and end this unhappy marriage.
Directed by Siyuan Chen (USA)


An experimental dark comedy film following a decapitated head in its attempt to escape from one very determined caretaker.
Directed by Tiffany Liu (USA)