Chaplin Theater: Block 1.1 – Guns (Saturday 22nd, 10am-11.30am)

The Lost Mine 

Based on a true story about the life of Jacob Waltz. The story takes place in 1860, in the State of Arizona and is about “The Dutch Man”, an old miner and sole prospector who committed many crimes to keep his secret safe. On his death bed, he tried to clear his conscience to a young miner. But before giving him the map and directions to his gold mine, he had one final last request.

Directed by Mauriel Morejon (USA)

Ghost in the Gun

A man left for dead encounters a possessed gun and transforms into a gunslinger bent on avenging his wife’s murder, but unbeknownst to him the gun has a vendetta of its own.

Directed by Andrew Chen (USA)


Max Varga runs a private firm which deals in damaging the reputation of individuals ordered by clients. However, during an operation, his assigned target vanishes.

Directed by Michal Starý (Czech Republic)

My Darling Alex

A former underworld enforcer falls upon a brutal path of vengeance after his partner, a determined police detective, is tortured and killed by the ambitious leader of a ruthless crime syndicate.

Directed by Wilson Huang (Australia)

California premiere